Mobile POS for Crypto Payment


Okong POS

Mobile POS

Easy to use with just one app download.

Crypto Accepted

Blockchain payment system for the underprivileged and SME owners.

Tablet Order

Deliver orders to the counter at the same time as customer order, saving time.

Cloud Manager

Check your store's sales status in real time, anytime, anywhere.

Now pay with a block-chain wallet!

When you ordering on the sales screen and select coin payment to generate a QR code, payment will be made within seconds with the customer's blockchain wallet.
With a mobile device, you can check the status of orders, payments, and store sales at a glance, and the portability and simplicity provide cost savings compared to general POS.

About Us

We intend to distribute the most useful apps to SME owners and financially underprivileged people without the need for large-scale social infrastructure by using IT and appropriate technology mobile apps with eco-friendly and localized.

Ready to accept bitcoin & crypto currency

About cryptocurrency payment

A global payment method without national restrictions that uses digital currency created using cryptography in a distributed environment based on block-chain as a payment method.

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